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Sharing my uploads with non-members?

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  • Sharing my uploads with non-members?

    Hi there,

    I'm a new member of Garmin Connect. Started uploading my workouts recently and all is well. I'm trying to share my rides with friends and family who are not themselves members/users of Garmin Connect. But it seems I have to provide them with the URL to each and every workout that I upload. Of course, they may choose to navigate to adjacent workouts from any workout URL I send them via the Next and Previous buttons, but what I'm looking for to share is a URL that would provide them with an overview. I haven't been able to find that though. The URL to my profile doesn't show anything when used by someone who is not logged in to the site.

    So, am I missing something? Can someone tell me what the URL has to look like to provide an overview to others? Or is it really not possible to see that if you're not a member of the site?


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    Go to this page:
    Then set the option for "Who can see your profile?" to Everyone. Then your profile should be viewable by people who are not logged in.


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      I had tried that already and it didn't work. Now it does. Strange.