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  • Garmin connect calendar sync

    I'm sure this has already been asked but is there any way to sync the Garmin Connect Calendar with Google calendar or any other calendars ? I put in a training plan and if I don't keep an eye on the Garmin connect calendar OR the watch, I don't know what to expect in advance.


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    That would be awesome, I pretty much don't use the Garmin connect calender because I'd never check it. Add the option to have it as an additional calender in Google & I might actually plan workouts. Not that I can send them to my Fenix.


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      No solution yet??? New calendar is very nice, but can't sync with Outlook. Any help?


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        Link Garmin Calendar with Google Calendar

        First, obtain the URL of the Garmin Connect calendar. To do this, go to your Garmin Connect calendar. On the right hand side near the top there is a button that has an arrow coming out of a box (to the right of Year). Click the button with the arrow. Then choose Publish Calendar. This will provide you with the URL of your Garmin Connect Calendar.

        Go to your Google calendar. On the left, click on settings. Near the top, click on Calendars (to the right of General, and under "Calendar Settings"). Then click on "Browse interesting calendars". On the right hand side, click on "Add by URL" under "More Tools". The paste the URL of your Garmin Connect Calendar. Then click add Calendar.

        The calendar should now be visible when viewing your Google calendar. However, the name of the calendar is by default the entire URL. To change the name to something more useful go to Settings, then click on Calendars as before. Click on the newly created calendar. Then next to Calendar Name type the name you'd like to use.

        - It seems that Google Calendar imports the Garmin Connect Calendar items as daily events. If anyone figures out a way to have Google automatically import the items with the same duration as the workout that would be quite helpful. For example, if a Garmin Connect calendar item is scheduled to take 2 hours to do, it would be nice if the same item was automatically imported into Google Calendar with a duration of 2 hours.


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          I've tried following the instructions above but I get a message saying something about contains no valid ical information, any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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            I tried these steps, too. It doesnt work. Google Calendar says, that the garmin link provides bad iCal or Gdata calendar data.


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              I am also getting same message
              I rang Garmin who seemed very vague and did not really know much about the calendar!!!! he said they would look into it.


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                So I have been fiddling with this for the past few minutes and the only thing i have discovered is that the link somehow confuses Google.

                I have found that if you put the calendar link into your browser's URL bar and hit enter then it downloads the .ical file.
                Then import this file into your Google calendar and all your schedule workouts will be there.

                This obviously works for those guys who have the training plans in their Garmin calendar, however if you manually create your own workouts and add them to the calendar then only the events scheduled up until the time that you download the .ical file will be subsequently imported into your Google calendar.

                As far as i can see so far (a few small test workouts were placed into the Garmin calendar after the import was done) the Google calendar does not update as the new events are created.

                If anyone has any way of working around this, or how i can report this to Garmin please let me know so i can get them to sort it out.

                BTW. I have also tried adding .ical to the end of the URL to try and convince Google there is an actual file. However this was a rookie attempt and subsequently failed.


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                  The link I get does nothing. It doesn't offer to download an .ical file, it doesn't timeout. The browser just sits there. I don't think Garmin should be advertising this as a working feature, because it clearly does not work at all.


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                    I've tried this multiple ways, but still get nothing. This thread has been going on 3 months and no comment/suggestion from a Garmin employee? come'on guys help us out!


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                      Originally posted by AARONSAMSON@GMAIL.COM View Post
                      I've tried this multiple ways, but still get nothing. This thread has been going on 3 months and no comment/suggestion from a Garmin employee? come'on guys help us out!
                      Same here, it doesn't work and no solution from Garmin!!


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                        Happen to me too.
                        so disappointing..


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                          Those directions worked great for me!


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                            Works for me too. Just add the "publish calendar" url to your google calendar. If it isn't working post exactly what steps you're taking, maybe we can help, as it does seem to work for at least some of us.

                            I'd just like to know how long it takes to update. I deleted a training plan on garmin and am currently waiting for it to disappear from my google calendar as well.
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                              OK, I managed to make it work somehow, BUT it's only displaying notes but none of my activities and not any of my training plans either. Any suggestions?