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Garmin Connect embed: size and link target

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  • Garmin Connect embed: size and link target

    Hi guys - this is one for whoever is maintaining/developing the embed code for displaying activities on 3rd-party websites/blogs etc... If you'd like to get in touch, pm me your details, or I can pm you mine.

    We run a cycling social network (, and are looking at ways to help users share rides uploaded to Garmin Connect (and other services like Strava etc).

    We have a solution we'd love to deploy asap, but we need some help from Garmin:
    1. the embed you currently supply is attractive but *huge* :-) It takes up 465px by 548px and is more of an entire page than an embed :-). It even includes a very thick border and margins (adding 20px either side!) - in our opinion an embed should really have a minimal border (as Strava's does) and should let the website manage margins in line with its own design.

    A more reasonable size would be 400px wide by 300px tall for example, and a version that we can display to mobile users would ideally be no larger than 300px, perhaps nearer 250px wide would be ideal. Using javascript tabs would perhaps allow viewers to switch between map and data view, saving lots of space.

    The Strava embed for example responds to the size of the iframe, and therefore works fine at 400px wide, though it too isn't great for mobile.

    The best we've been able to achieve with the Garmin embed, is to set a smaller iframe height, allow scrolling (or not, and show only the map area) but that doesn't help with the width. In fact, allowing scrolling forces us to display the embed at 485px to account for the scrollbars.
    2. The 'target' for the links in the embed is "_parent". This prevents links opening within the iframe of course, but really we feel this should be _blank (i.e. a new tab or window).

    All external links on our site open in a new tab, and not only will users find any other behaviour confusing, but for a website like ours we are then losing the user, who now has no navigation to return to our site after viewing the activity on Garmin Connect. This is not just bad for us, but bad for the user who might want to continue using our site.

    At the end of the day, you presumably want people to use your embed, and we're less likely to use it when it is so large, and the links 'take over' the tab/window in an 'unfriendly' way.

    We'd therefore really appreciate it if you could offer a way of changing the size, (or offer multiple size options) and change the link target to _blank (or offer an option to do this, such as "&target=blank" in the source URL). This would probably benefit all users of the embed, and you would probably find it would get used more often as a result...

    We look forward to hearing from you!
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    cycology, the social network for cyclists

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    Alternatively does anyone know of a good way for making contact with Garmin, business to business? The only details I've found so far are customer support...
    cycology, the social network for cyclists