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New garmin connect update and iPad

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  • New garmin connect update and iPad

    The new garmin connect update has made viewing my run data on my iPad near impossible.Only half the calendar data is visible on the screen. When I look my marathon splits it goes down to about fifteen miles and that's it.Anybody else having issues?

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    Not resizing on desktop, either

    On a 4x3 monitor, I have to scroll to the right to see the entire screen or even to get to the vertical scroll bar. The display is not resizing to fit the browser window.


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      New Garmin Connect and iPad is not a good combination.


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        Ah thank goodness I found this thread to moan. Garmin Connect on the iPad is horrific. The address bar doesn't disappear when you scroll down so your screen real estate is reduced. When viewing an activity you can't tap the < or > in the top right hand corner to go to the previous/next activity - justnot recognised! So instead you have to go through multiple taps to get back to your activity list. Truly a terrible experience. The thing is it used to be fine! Not brilliant but - and here is the key - useable. If it ain't broke, screw around with it until it is I guess!