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  • Insights problem

    Hey ! I have a Fenix 3 Hr, i can sync all the time, i see all of my activities in garmin connect without any problem. Nevertheless in Insights i dont see orange bar, so i can't compare my datas with others. Any idea? Thanks

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    Same here. I can not see any orange bar in insights not for activities "Cycling" (I have a few logged), but I can not see it also for "Steps" .
    This is not visble on the site, but also not visible on Android App.
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      The same for me. I do not have any orange bar


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        Have you tried selecting something other than "current" in the drop-down menu at the right hand end of the graph? This may or may not help but it is worth a try!


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          I don't have an orange bar either! It doesn't matter which activity or time period I choose. I have been using my Forerunner 235 for +30 days. Any idea what could be wrong?


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            I have the orange bar up to April 2018 From May 2018 it no longer shows. I have no idea if this is relevant but May was when GDPR came into force?


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              Same here, any updates on this do we know?