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Sync between Garmin Connect and Concept 2 Logbook

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  • Sync between Garmin Connect and Concept 2 Logbook

    Dear Garmin,

    I'm a huge fan of your equipment as well as Garmin Connect. Especially because of the possibility to sync my activities as well as my nutrition between Garmin Connect and MyFitnessPal.

    The thing is: I'm into rowing now. A few months ago I started indoor rowing at my Crossfit Box and now I row three times a week (at my Crossfit Box as well as in my regular gym).

    The thing is, I'm thinking about buying a Concept2 rowing erg for my personal use at home. With the PM5 rowing monitor (and the latest firmware) I can now rebroadcast the heartrate data from my Fenix 3 HR to the erg.

    And I'm also able to sync these data to the Concept2 Logbook or the Concept2 ErgData iPhone app. But then I'm stuck. I do not see a way to sync the rowing data into Garmin Connect.

    I can sync the ErgData to the Apple health app and *maybe* from there back to the Garmin app but this is clearly pain in the a** and I'm not even sure if this will work (and and it will for sure work only with iOS devices).

    I would really love a partnership (as you did with MyFitnessPal/Under Armour) with Concept2. This way you can make sure that it will sync all information in the right format.

    Strava actually does support this:

    And there is also an API for the Concept2 Logbook:

    I would be very grateful if you would a least take this into consideration.
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    I agree it would be awesome if garmin/concept2 got this figured out. In the meantime do you think you would pay for an app that did this? I'm considering building it myself.


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      There is an app for this that also works on Fenix3. However, it does not record everything (yet) and is far from perfect as lots of data is lost before syncing with Garmin Connect.

      More info here:


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        Took them quite a while (years?) but Concept 2 logbook can finally sync directly into Garmin Connect.


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          How do I sync directly to garmin connect?


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            I found how to do it, let se if I got it to work


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              This integration is improving, the most recent fix being that pace and speed are now correctly displayed in activities in GC, but there is still a range of issues. If you experience any of these issues it please report them (as I have) so that Garmin knows which issues to prioritise in terms of working on fixes.

              Garmin Connect web (GC)
              • Splits not displayed in activities - this issue has been partially resolved
                • The splits are now displayed but the data is incorrect and incomplete
                • There is no calculated data for any of the individual splits e.g. Best Pace, Avg Run Cadence, Max Run Cadence, Avg Stride Length,Avg HR, Max HR, Avg Temperature, Calories.
                  The pace is calculated using the running formula of minutes/1000m instead of minutes/500m used in rowing so the value given is twice what it should be e.g. 3:17 instead of 1:47.
              • Gear set to automatically be added to activities of type ‘Other’ is not added to Indoor Rowing activities
                • Since there is no category for fitness equipment in the Gear section, either Fitness equipment should get gear added be included in the ‘Other’ field, or Fitness equipment should be added to the Gear automatic gear adding facility
              • It is not possible to report Training Effect for Fitness Equipment activities e.g. Indoor Row recorded on Fenix 3. (It can be shown GC Mobile in the general training effect statistics).
              • No distance per stroke plot
                • I don’t think this can be resolved because whilst I use a fenix 3 which has permission to show the distance per stroke plot, the activities originating from the Concept2 ErgData app connected to a rower do not have ‘permission’ within GC to display the ‘Distance per stroke’ plot.
              Garmin Connect Mobile (GCM)
              • In activities, only the speed plot is shown. There is no pace plot
              • Stroke rate shows word ‘Best’ rather than ‘Maximum’ as for other statistics.
              There is a related problem with the Fenix 3
              • when performing intervals at say 30 strokes per minute with rest at say 18 SPM, after changing rate, the watch continues to read the higher stroke rate for 5 or so strokes, then reads 0 for 3-5 strokes and then reads the correct rate. If you are doing short intervals say 10 strokes on and 10 off the watch doesn’t track well at all.
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