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Error on .GPX import: This file has already been uploaded.

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  • Error on .GPX import: This file has already been uploaded.

    Good Afternoon:

    I have a question about doing a GPX import into Garmin Connect. I am trying to import the race course map for an upcoming race, which comes in a .GPX format. When I try to import this at, after the file is added and the ‘Import Data’ button is clicked, the message is: “This file has already been uploaded.”

    I am trying to understand this. Does it mean that I have already imported this file? I don’t think that I have. Or does it mean that someone (another Garmin Connect user) has already imported this file and it should be available for review somewhere in the course map explorer area:

    When I scope the map on the Course Explorer to the area surrounding the upcoming race, and click ‘search’, there are no results. I have to enter a keyword containing the name of the race area: (stottlemeyer) This produces a couple of results, including this one: The maps appear to be similar, although the mileage is significantly off. (17.3 miles in GPX export of 27.73 miles in Garmin Course:

    I see that there is a thread about importing here: This doesn’t appear to be the same. The “TCX Import Issue” thread is about failing imports. My question is about the functionality of 1) getting a message that a GPX file has already been uploaded, and 2) being unable to find the course map that comes from that GPX file.

    (If I had a feature request, it would be that the “This file has already been uploaded” message be paired with a link that takes you to the Course/Activity/Segment that was created from that import. Right now it’s like showing up at the airport, and getting a message that you have already checked in. 1) By itself, that isn't helpful. 2) You immediately want to know who has checked, if it's not you.)


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    I have a similar problem trying to import ".fit" files into my new Garmin connect account. I was migrating my activities and other sensor data to a new account. The problem is gone, once I have deleted the old account from which I have exported the data. I think Garmin uses a global identifier to avoid duplicate entries of the same data via multiple accounts.