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    I am surprised to see obscure activities such as wingsuit flying listed, but not martial arts. Will you please add martial lists to the list of types of activity? Many thanks.

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    I second the request.

    And I agree, hilarious that we do have wingsuit flying - honestly!
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      I agree. I don't understand why Garmin persists in leaving this sport aside. I used to have a Suunto ambit3 that was able to deal with art martial.


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        pierreditmagnat, whether your personal passion is martial arts (and I practised a number of them over a decade, mainly in my twenties, and ‘taught’ for a while after being dragged in by my sifu to run some classes for him) or extreme ironing, there is no reason to expect or demand ‘respect’ or acknowledgement of it as having an equivalent place as cycling (which I don't do), swimming (which I don't do), soccer, wingsuit flying or yoga in some company's or Internet standard-setting authority's frameworks or specifications.


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          I would like to see martial arts (specifically BJJ) added into the mix of activities on the Fenix. Tracking my BJJ sessions as "Other" is far from ideal.