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i hate bing maps

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  • i hate bing maps

    the following is garmins advice should you not find the answer to the question your after in most of our cases the questions are when or are you going to bring back google maps or why the hell did you get rid of google maps get started today by starting a new thread same question untill we get a answer and not the coperate answer you get if you email them.
    Hi all,

    With the new Forums come new ways to try to get your problems solved. While sending a support query directly to an Admin, Moderator, or to the Contact Us link below, it is actually a slower process for you to get an answer. Rather than sending a direct message:

    1. Search for your answer on the Forums.
    2. If you don't find the answer start a new thread with your question.
    3. Contact Garmin Support.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    I'm a happy girl.