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Bing Maps: Why? Why? Why?

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  • Bing Maps: Why? Why? Why?

    The change to Bing maps is a major downgrade to Garmin Connect. As a Garmin customer who resides in Japan and travels in extensively in Asia, the quality of Bing maps is not nearly equal to Google.

    Known issues:

    1. No bilingual labels
    2. Lack of low level detail maps
    3. Poor quality aerial photos
    4. U.S. centric, poor for non U.S. usage

    Garmin, please consider reverting back to Google or at least give your customers the opportunity to select the default maps.

    Because of this change, I am actively looking for an alternative to Garmin Connect that provides Google Maps instead of Bing.

    I am not a Google stooge, but the lack of any bilingual labels and low level detail makes Garmin Connect much less useful.

    Garmin, please help.

    Thank you,

    One of your loyal customers in Japan (from Hawaii)