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Can't Share Garmin Connect 'Workouts' to friends or groups.

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  • Can't Share Garmin Connect 'Workouts' to friends or groups.

    I write turbo training workouts for our cycle club into the 'Workouts' section of my Garmin Connect account. At the moment, the only way I know of sharing them is to send out a copy of the .fit file from the 'workouts' folder on my Garmin 1000, but would LOVE to be able to share them within our Garmin Connect Members group or to my 'connections', in the same way that you can courses. 'Connections' could then send it to their device.
    Perhaps if anyone else thinks this would be a valuable addition to Garmin Connect, they might also suggest this to Garmin via the ideas page
    If anyone knows of a better way of sharing that is currently available, PLEASE let me know
    Garmin UK support told me that I just had to send out a web link to the workout page in Garmin Connect (to any on my 'connections') but that doesn't work, giving an error saying that 'it looks as though you don't have access privileges to view this file'. Sadly, the UK help desk do seem rather inexperienced when it comes to providing help on such things .

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    Would indeed be a great feature to share the work-outs via group and the group calendar.
    Additionally, it would be very nice to be able to use relative variables while building a structured work-out. For example a percentage of a threshold pace, or 10k pace or something alike. This would enable me to create a similar work-out for the group, where some have a slightly different pace but do follow the same work-out.


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      This has been talked about on Garmin for a number of years. My feeling is that it is unlikely to happen as it is effectively providing a coaching service in all but name. This is something that you can get from the fee charging sites. As such, I cannot see Garmin providing this for free, if they ever do go down that route.

      Back in the day of Garmin Training Centre it was a simple matter to ship out the workouts created in there to athletes I coached who had suitable device. Since the demise of GTC, I have had to make different arrangements to achieve the same ends.


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        I can also understand that. I really love the way Garmin implemented the structured work-outs. I feel that with little changes, this could indeed evolve into some kind of coaching service. To be honest, I believe that it would be a unique selling point that will attract even more athlete to buy Garmin devices.


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          It's something that other sites do provide but as fee paying so it would hardly be a unique feature. Since coaches (mostly) get paid for their service, it's not unreasonable for them to pay for a service, passing the associated costs on as the cost of doing business.

          Garmin would be unable to determine who's providing a service for free and who's providing a service for a fee so they are unlikely to offer anything to assist coaches. That said and noted above, back in the days of Garmin Training Centre I would write the plans in my GTC, export the associated workout files and have my clients load them into their GTC and send them to their device. It's not beyond the realms of possibility to be able to make that happen today. Might be worth investigating.


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            i too would love to be able to share a workout i designed with my friend.


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              For those with devices that mount as a hard drive when connected to a computer, this might work:

              1..Create workouts in GARMIN Connect on the interweb.
              2. Send them to your device.
              3. On the mounted drive, go to the NEWFILES folder. The workout .fit files should be there.
              4. Copy the workout .fit files.
              5. Send them to your friends and have them put them in their NEWFILES folder.

              The other option is to get a copy of GARMIN Training Centre and use that to create and distribute the files.


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                We've just been round a similar loop at TrainAsONE - we create personal running plans based on your run data, so we need to update the next workout every time someone runs (or does not).

                As Philip suggests, your two best options for creating a workout are via the old Garmin Training Center program, or and copy it from your watch once complete.

                As for getting workouts onto other watches, its *really* frustrating that Garmin do not provide any mechanism to get a workout into, but for the more recent (*) (expensive) watches they do allow an app on the watch to download a workout from a website and load directly into the watch ready to run.

                We wrote an app to do this for us and made it open source, so anyone could pick it up and modify it (I'd be happy to help anyone interested in that). We built it for running, but there is nothing running specific about the concept.

                Assuming someone was happy making workouts and ready to share them what might work would be:
                - A website which lets users create an account and then upload workouts to a plan
                - A simple app (possibly modified from the below) which lets users subscribe to a plan on the above site and automatically download the next workout


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                  I got frustrated with this too so create a simple web site to enable you to share Garmin workout files here: - instructions are here: - Enjoy!


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                    ShareWorkoutFiles looks very interesting. Just need to get the word out there

                    Once you have built up some files it might be nice to have an app which would allow downloading them directly onto capable watches (735XT, 935, Fenix 5 etc).

                    Thinking about it further easiest way might be:
                    - Garmin app provides option to 'fake' a login via Oauth2, which opens website on connected phone
                    - User runs search to find appropriate workout on phone webview and selects workout
                    - Workout ID is then returned to phone, which passes it back to Garmin app as 'auth token'
                    - App makes a request for a FIT file passing in the token and presents the returned file for running

                    As mentioned before, happy to help on the app side


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                      Below are some details from a Chrome addon that works. I use Firefox for web browsing but downloaded Chrome and the extension - the process of having to copy over each workout is a little time consuming but it works and is still far quicker than re-writing each workout. I'm not associated with the extension author.

                      Here's the info from the extension download page (I've added a few words to clarify the process):

                      This extension enables Garmin connect users to share workouts with each other, a feature that doesn't exist (on Garmin) today. In order to use it, the user who likes to share his workout should go to his Garmin connect account (while using Chrome), and choose the workout he likes to share and download it using this extension. Afterwords he can send the downloaded JSON file to any other user who is interested in this workout. This user (who receives the file) needs to upload the workout file (to his/her Garmin Connect - also using Chrome and the extension). He should then have the workout saved to his account.

                      Here's the extension link: I am so sick of having to find workarounds for things that don't work in the Garmin universe. The level of support on offer from the company and response to problems and requests is woeful.


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                        Thanks for the pointer Moogarm. that chrome extension is really quite neat. We'd love to be able to feed workouts into it to make things easier for our users. Have reached out to the developer - hopefully he replies!



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                          still no updates garmin in 2018
                          it's quite sad to realize there's no ability to share your workout to someone :/
                          all you can - use third party chrome addons etc


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                            It's 13 1/2 months since I created the original post - - very, very sad - is no one listening?


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                              @v1sionmaster: Listening, or even actually considering the request that has been received and correctly parsed, and being prepared to take action to accommodate are different things that are logically separate.