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Change to Bing maps disappointing

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  • Change to Bing maps disappointing


    I'm disappointed in the switch to Bing maps. The "far" view in both map and ariel is much more distorted than the previous version with google maps. It also seems that the terrain view has disappeared. I assume this was done as a cost saving measure, but from a user perspective, it's a loss of functionality.

    However, I still love my garmin as a training tool, and has been helpful in my quest for my first full marathon in early december.


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    Another disappointed user ...


    the quality of the new implemented bing maps is sensibly inferior compared to the previously used google maps. Also the map loading time increased
    Quite a slap in the face to the overall quality of the whole garmin connect interface in my mind ...



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      I was about to post and say that the maps don't show up at all any more.

      Using FireFox on Windows 7. I get nothing. Seems the switch to Bing maps is so bad, it doesn't work at all for me.


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        Originally posted by ACYCLEFREAK View Post
        I was about to post and say that the maps don't show up at all any more.

        Using FireFox on Windows 7. I get nothing. Seems the switch to Bing maps is so bad, it doesn't work at all for me.
        Have you cleared your browser cache? It helped me.
        - Steve

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          I miss google maps on garmin connect

          Such a bad surprise today....please we want google maps again....!!!


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            There is no detailed aerial coverage for most of non regional Australia like in Google maps. There is no terrain coverage.

            Luckily you can still use sporttracks with the same data.
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              Bing - horrible choice!

              Really Garmin? Have you bothered to look at the maps in Bing? They are HORRIBLE. Open water swim arial view is so far away that it does NO GOOD at all.

              I understand Bing pays more - we get it...they've saturated most film and TV with paid ads and poor product placement. But for a company that is all about the outdoors, you have left your customers with no choice but an inferior map product in Garmin Connect.

              Please allow users to chose their own maps if you must incorporate Bing. At least have the courtesy to let us switch back to Google Maps if we find Bing lacking as a map option.

              Thank you,


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                PLEASE give us a map option!

                Garmin, I've been extolling the virtues of Garmin Connect to every runner I meet - simple to use, very intuitive, and beautiful to look at. This afternoon, after seeing the new Bing maps, I may have to stop spreading the Garmin Connect love.
                The Bing Maps text is difficult to read, and the graphics look terrible. A drastic step backwards for Garmin Connect. Why did you switch? Did microsoft give you guys a payment to spread the Bing word? If so, I'll happily start paying to use Garmin Connect (as long as I can change back to Google maps). Please, please, please re-consider the use of this inferior mapping software.

                Thank you -
                A long-time fan


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                  Originally posted by SAEEDI View Post
                  Have you cleared your browser cache? It helped me.
                  Clearing the cache worked. Map now displays for activities. Thanks for the tip.

                  Still prefer G-maps though. But it's functional enough for me. Just slower.


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                    Using Chrome/Mac and the maps spill over the border and cover about 1/2 the page.


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                      Bing maps

                      Big maps seem to work OK for me. Running FF 3.6.12 on WinXP SP3.

                      I actually think Bing maps have better resolution than Google maps and seem to be updated more frequently.

                      I wish Garmin would allow that little map window to be expanded though. Whew.

                      If you want to export your data & plot it on a Google map, take a look at this thread on GMap4.


                      I have been using GMap4 for months now and it works great for me! Here is a sample from a recent hike:

                      BMG Wilder Ranch hike - 09/25/2010


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                        I want my maps back

                        Great - another 'dope deal' with microsoft? I will most certainly get rid of this product in favor of one that uses google maps. This has to be one of the biggest tech disappointments I've had. I am in Baghdad. NO ONE has decent maps except Google. But you all didn't think of that, did you? (to Garmin decision makers).

                        I will be looking for another product. I used to use the connect feature to see other routes on camp, etc. Now I see NOTHING useful except blur.

                        I cannot possibly describe to you the string of events here and my runs are one of the things I count on. I have so enjoyed tracking my progress and looking at the map each time I am recovering after my run. Now I'm just ticked off and disgusted. Money invested for nothing. I might as well have bought a watch with a simple GPS just to track my distance over time.

                        Thanks for making my day a bit crappier here.


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                          no use

                          I live in Japan. Getting useful info from a google map required patience and a some messing around but at least they labeled the main towns in both Japanese scripts and in Roman letters. Bing simply use the Japanese scripts. I have no way of discovering the name of a town or train station. It makes interpreting one of my maps hard but trying to use the 'explore' tab is now entirely redundant.
                          I may be forced to rejoin training peaks in order to get useful information.
                          Very very disappointed.


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                            Another Vote for dumping Bing

                            OK, so clearing the browser cache takes care of the frame overlap problems so many are having. That said, Bing maps still suck: lower resolution aerials, no terrain, and no Earth. Bummer.
                            Just wanted to join the chorus of voices that want Google maps back.


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                              Budda Bing Budda BUM Maps

                              The maps are not the only horrible part. The plotting of my tracks on those BUM BING maps is also whacked out. AND the track plot is different in Player view than in Details view by a lot!

                              Obviously the genius that tested this crap before switching over was not looking at his monitor. I am stunned.
                              Don Huston
                              San Diego, CA.
                              United States