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Garmin Connect Calendar - displays wrong day

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  • Garmin Connect Calendar - displays wrong day

    The calendar in Garmin Connect shows the wrong day and date. As the picture shows - today it is Monday, April 8 and the calendar shows that it is Sunday.

    This is in the Swedish version. Anyone else with the same problem?

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    Assuming it's showing on (mine's okay though) then check under what's the first day of the week that you have set there.


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      I've tested in Swedish (usually I run English, but I am a Swede) both having the first day of the week set to Monday (as our normal way would be here in Sweden) and Sunday, and the calendar reflects it correctly placing the 8th under the Monday column. So I do not have the same problem.


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        Tested to change to English and the calendar looks as it should. Changed back to Swedish and then also the Swedish one looks like it should with the 8th on Monday. Interesting