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Heart rate not working & swim distance has space ship mileage

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  • Heart rate not working & swim distance has space ship mileage

    Hi can anyone help? I have a Vivoactive HR when i use it for swimming it comes out with rediculous distances that i have swum.
    I put in custom length for pool
    I swam from shallow to deep STOPPED
    I swum from deep to shallow STOPPED
    every single time
    It come back with overall distance equalling approx 80 lengths
    I would have done 10 at most

    I have tried stnding indoors waving my arms pretending to swim and it just adds lengths whenever it wants. GGRRRRrrr! Not happy

    Monday 11th March 2019 my heart rate has just stopped recording, ( at home) i have cleaned the back of watch and my wrist sometimes green light comes on but everytime i sync ....... nothing there at all

    *****Just got up this morning to realize it didnt monitor my sleep last night or on the 10th but it did on the 11th WHAT IS GOING ON****

    your forum is so difficult to get started it has taken me 5 emails before it finally let me on, it wont save any changes i make to my forum account
    PLEASE PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ????????????????????

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    Even your forum dont work right, wont let me change any settings keep telling me i cant edit my own post