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Vivoactive wont connect after Android Pie update on Xiaomi Mi A1

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  • Vivoactive wont connect after Android Pie update on Xiaomi Mi A1

    I have Xiaomi Mi A1 and got an android pie update last week. Since then the bluetooth connection is not working with my Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch. I can initially pair bluetooth with phone using 6 digit number that appears on the watch. But after that nothing happens, the watch does not show bluetooth icon anymore and after some time says 'phone disconnected'. Tried all possible suggested solutions online such as rebooting, resetting, cleaning up caches of apps/bluetooth app, uninstall and reinstall garmin connect app, forgetting and pairing bluetooth again... nothing worked. Not sure if this is an android issue or garmin connect issue. Please let me know if anyone facing similar issue or has found a workaround.

    [UPDATE 21 jan 2019] WHAT WORKED FOR ME: I got it working after doing a factory reset of my vivoactive watch!
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    The same issue, after upgrade to 5.70... ;-(
    I have VA3, SW version 5.70 - updated day or two ago. Samsung S7 Edge, pairing occurred last time today morning at 1:08 CET. Bluetooth icon on VA3 is sometimes flashing, sometimes green... pairing on mobile BT was successful.
    No any update on mobile, but updated now on latest garmin connect version 4.13.7 and no change... uninstalled Garmin Connect and installed again, also tried different mobile (xiaomi redmi 3) and have the same results. So it should be an Garmin issue and not android, though.
    Any help from Garmin?

    WHAT FINALLY WORKED FOR ME: while pairing in Garmin Connect app, go in watches for pairing menu as well - Settings/Phone/PairPhone. It connect immediately.
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      Hi all. Same smartphone, Fenix 3 HR. Android 9 update, Fenix wont connect.

      What worked:

      1. Delete previos Garmin connection in Bluetooth devices in mobile.
      2. DON'T pair watch and smartphone directly.
      3. Through Garmin app re-pair (code, and so on)

      4. After this, you can connect watch and phone in Bluetooth, to use smartlock unlocking.


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        Hi all,
        same here with Vivoactive 3 - Xiaomi mi a1- Android Oreo. Always disconnected & connected notifications at the watch and huge battery drain.

        WHAT FIXED IT: Go to Android Oreo settings -> System -> Advanced -> Reset Options -> Reset WiFi, mobile & bluetooth
        After that pair the watch with Garmin connect app and everything is smooth again!