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Configurable BMR in Garmin ? (Comparison to Aeroscan test)

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  • Configurable BMR in Garmin ? (Comparison to Aeroscan test)

    Hello guys,

    I'm using a Fenix 3HR and it seems to me calorie count is on the high side for the low intensity activities and resting. I've also done an Aeroscan test (rest and speeds of 5 to 15km/h on a treadmill). This test measures your pulse and also your oxygen intake and CO2 exhausted.

    Activity Cal/h Aeroscan BMR calculator
    Sleep (BMR) 85 45 70
    Home activity 95 53 84
    Shopping 243.3333333
    Walking 4-5km/h 331 318
    Running 6:30'/km 704 671
    Running 5:30'/km 744 734
    Running 4:30'/km 949 912
    Running 3:50'/km 1005 no read
    As you can see on the attached table, calories showed by Aeroscan and Garmin are very similar for walking and up to fast running but differ a lot at rest. Unfotunately, walking & running take at most 2-3hour/day for a normal person, while the rest of 21-22hours is resting or very light activity (office people) so that difference in calorie count makes a huge difference. Overall the difference is very large as you can see >

    Example 1: active day

    Sleep > 8hrs
    Light activity > 14hrs
    Walk > 1.5hrs
    Running 4:30'/km > 0.5hrs

    Garmin > 8*85+14*95+1.5*331+0.5*949 = 2981cal
    Aeroscan > 8*45+14*53+1.5*318+0.5*912 = 2035cal

    Example 2: resting day

    Sleep > 7hrs
    Light activity > 15hrs
    Shopping, home cleaning ... > 1.5hrs
    Walk > 0.5h

    Garmin > 7*85+15*95+1.5*243+0.5*331 = 2550cal
    Aeroscan > 7*45+15*53+1.5*220+0.5*318 = 1599cal

    My Aeroscan test tells me my resting calories are very low for my age and weight (1270/day for me vs 1710/day average). Can we somehow tell Garmin the actual BMR if we have a real test done ?