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Garmin Connect App, Permanently running in background on Phone

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  • Garmin Connect App, Permanently running in background on Phone

    I've a HTC 10
    Permanently have a notification displayed that Connect is running in the background
    How do I stop it from running in the background?
    I don't need it to, it doesn't sync to anything.
    I just look at it every now and again

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    You can disable that notification. And what do you mean you don't need it to run in the background? Do you use a Garmin device daily? If so, that device uses your phone to sync with Garmin connect. I don't understand how you think you don't need it running because you "just look at it every now and again"...


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      well its simple. i don't need or want it to run in the background because i just don't want it to. i want to be able to be in control of what stuff on my phone does.
      no i don't have a garmin which i use daily.... whatever the relevance is???
      i have a forerunner which i sync via ant+ stick on my computer
      nothing syncs with my phone
      my edge syncs with my pc also

      the problem is that i can't disable the notification and i'm looking for advice as to how to do that


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        Okay, the simple solution is to uninstall the app. If it's installed it will run in the background. Simple as that.


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          If you just wish to look occasionally you can always visit the web version of Garmin Connect on the phone. It will be a totally different user experience, but you will be able to see that same data that you would in the app.