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Garmin Connect App, Permanently running in background on Phone

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  • Garmin Connect App, Permanently running in background on Phone

    I've a HTC 10
    Permanently have a notification displayed that Connect is running in the background
    How do I stop it from running in the background?
    I don't need it to, it doesn't sync to anything.
    I just look at it every now and again

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    You can disable that notification. And what do you mean you don't need it to run in the background? Do you use a Garmin device daily? If so, that device uses your phone to sync with Garmin connect. I don't understand how you think you don't need it running because you "just look at it every now and again"...


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      well its simple. i don't need or want it to run in the background because i just don't want it to. i want to be able to be in control of what stuff on my phone does.
      no i don't have a garmin which i use daily.... whatever the relevance is???
      i have a forerunner which i sync via ant+ stick on my computer
      nothing syncs with my phone
      my edge syncs with my pc also

      the problem is that i can't disable the notification and i'm looking for advice as to how to do that


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        Okay, the simple solution is to uninstall the app. If it's installed it will run in the background. Simple as that.


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          If you just wish to look occasionally you can always visit the web version of Garmin Connect on the phone. It will be a totally different user experience, but you will be able to see that same data that you would in the app.


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            bit of a smart arse reply there Brittany.
            not quite the same olni. but you do have a point.

            I just want to be able to review my runs and track my progress. web version is not as good as app for doing that.

            does nobody from garmin read these forums.

            the app clearly has an issue which needs to be addressed


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              I'm with Stevieob on this one. My usage is the same as he describes. Sync through the PC, look at the app to see my stats when I'm not at the PC.


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                Originally posted by stevieob View Post
                [...]does nobody from garmin read these forums. [...]
                Correct. Nobody from Garmin officially reads these forums, or at least not very often. (I wouldn't either, if I were them, given the vitrol that's often posted in these forums.) In my experience a phone call to customer support almost always connects me quickly to a knowledgeable person.

                -- Pete


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                  Do you know what version of Android your phone is running? It you're on 8 or 9, you can disable individual notifications without uninstalling the app.