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Training Effect glitch?

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  • Training Effect glitch?

    I don't recall this problem in the past... but thought I'd ask if this is expected or normal...

    My watch calculates and uploads Aerobic Training Effect - it generally is a great metric for me to track my weekly/monthly training load. I like to see some highs (3.5-5) sprinkled in between my lows (1.5-3) in the "Reports" graph... for my goal of polarized training goal (since Recovery Hours are not uploaded to Connect... dumb!).

    Noticed on a recent 10mile race day my Training Effect was only like 3 for that day even though it was an all out, hard race?!?! Dug into it and the Race was 5.0 TE... but if you added in my 2.0 warmup, and cool down 2-3... and then later a jog to my car (1.5). It was using a basic average, add the four activities TE and divide by 4 (not even a time weighted avg!). Often I'll run a short shakeout run in the morning with friends, in prep for a hard workout at night, but again it will 'wipe' my strong 4-5 TE in the evening...with the 2.0 in the morning. :-/

    I tried telling support... "oh you should recommend that be changed in 'idea share'" wtf... did... but likely no change.

    Is this normal or something with my watch/account?
    I recommend you "share idea" to improve this in the reporting section of GC.