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MapMyFitness sync?

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  • MapMyFitness sync?

    Past couple weeks it seems to not be working consistently and in the last few days... not at all. You guys seeing similar issues? I tried unlinking and relinking from MapMyRun but it didn't help.

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    No, not had any problems here


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      Yeah, my last sync that went through was on November 28, and then I haven't had a sync since then (including a second activity that I did later in the day). No idea what is happening


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        Yesterday I tried disconnecting the link via MapMyRun , saving, then exiting out of browser... then coming back in like a half hour later and reconnecting the sync service.
        then on Garmin i noticed the MapMyFitness 'Application' showed up in my Profile/Account Settings /Account Information ! Did some workouts last night and this morning and they all transfered over! Did the trick

        I had previously tried the the same procedure... but didn't close out of the browser and didn't wait more then a minute. Not sure what did the trick... but I am happy