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Event Date Bug when adding to Calendar

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  • Event Date Bug when adding to Calendar

    If add an Event to the calendar by clicking in the day on the Calendar and choosing Event - the date defaults incorrectly due to some confusion between UK format dates and US

    For Example - I click on the day for 6th November 2018 - normally when selecting create event the date of the event would be filled in as 06/11/2018 - however for about a week it has inverted the date so instead of selecting 06/11/2018 as 6th November 2018 it selects as 11th June 2018 (i.e. interpreting 06/11 as a US format date)

    If I pick a day number greater than 12 - say 30th November 2018 then the date becomes even more wildly out - in this example it will try and create a calendar event for 11th June 2020!!!

    This is very annoyig and it is easy to accidentally create an activity for the wrong date - this occurs in internet explorer

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    Me too. Extremely frustrating and entirely avoidable.


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      I thought that there was a bug with entering an event altogether, because after saving it just didn't show up. So I tried multiple time with different browsers and only then thought, let's take a look in the forum :-). With this explanation, I have now found all my added events. Not on Dec 9th, but on Sep 12th (in the past). Never thought of such a basic error. Very annoying!
      Thanks for sharing.


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        eberends yes that's initially how I found it - kept adding events and they disappeared