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  • Activity goal bug

    For the last 2 days I've been observing an issue with activity count type goals.
    I create a goal for cycling, setting the goal at 3 activities for the current week. After 1 activity the goal shows that 2 activities remain, but stays at 0% (should be 33%). All past activities show the same issue, i.e. for example a past goal shows that 3 out of 3 activities have been completed, but shows 0% (should be 100%). This used to work properly until 2 days ago.
    This affects only activity count type goals. Distance type goals seem to be unaffected.
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    Hi I am getting the same behaviour for a frequency set goal such as yours. i.e 2 of 5 activities shown as done but the arc graph is set at 0%. This bug has only happend in the last two weeks.


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      It still worked for my October goal, but after switching the dashboard widget to the November goal it shows this problem. Screenshot is attached.


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        I'm seeing the same on my dashboard. I'm recording activities and the widget is properly reflecting the remaining activities, but the percentage complete is not moving beyond 0%.
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