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60 Day Step Goal Badge

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  • 60 Day Step Goal Badge

    I've got a 67 day streak of meeting my step goal going. I got the 60 day badge and decided to keep going because I saw that the badge is one of the repeatable ones. Then I got to wondering, does Garmin Connect recognize 61-120 days as being a second 60 days, or do I need to miss my goal for a day, then let it count from 1 up to 60 again? Logically you would think it would recognize any multiple of 60 days as being badge-worthy, but sometimes these things are just not logical. Anyone know from experience?

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    Hello, yes will be recognized without break, don't worry just keep on fulfilling your daily target... based on personal experience. ????


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      Hi couponmelly and PaSt!
      I have been reaching my goal (10 000 steps) for 121 days now and didn't get the second badge so don't keep your expectations too high, it might not work...
      Good luck!


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        Sequence of 121 days


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          Only 1 badge


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            OK, so I was more lucky. I will see whether I will get third. ????


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              Hi PaSt!
              I got my second badge today! It can take 3 days!
              Keep up the good work!
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