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Calculate AVG PACE of a given range

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  • Calculate AVG PACE of a given range

    is there a way to calculate the AVG PACE from km 3 to 13 ? or from minute 5 to 25 ?
    Can't find an easy way in Garmin Connect WEB or Mobile App

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    Not that I know of. Garmin Connect isn't really a tool designed for drill-down analysis of (sub-sections of) individual timed activities, and just OK for roll-up analysis of a collection of activities.


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      In the expanded chart view of an activity on GC mobile on Android using two fingers you can mark a range. The screen then indicates the average of that range in a tooltip.

      From a slightly different angle, are you aware of the use of laps? Using laps will give you 'in activity' and post activity analyses of sections.


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        Originally posted by TrippyZ View Post
        The screen then indicates the average of that range in a tooltip.
        Not when I tested it a few hours ago trying to confirm whether that's the answer. It seems that the app only shows the difference in pace between the two end-points of the ‘range’.


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          Not exactly what you're looking for, but you can use which lets you chop your activity into arbitrary "laps" after the fact. It's free and it can automatically pull your activities from GC. Not as convenient as having it built in to GC, but anytime you want more info on an activity, you can head over to

          Like TrippyZ said, you can also mark laps before the fact, either during the activity by pressing the lap button or by making a structure workout with the different sections of your run.
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            Using two finger to select a range of time/miles gives an average for the period. However... in my experience it only works for Heart Rate. Pace and cadence it gives you the difference from point A and B... which is worthless.

            For keyworkouts you can setup your Lap to not be Auto... and then hit the lap button to trigger it. This will then give a good rollup data for the various periods you might be interested in. Ive done that for pre-setup workouts that do the laps automatically and turned off 'autolap'. Say I'm doing a 1 mile warmup...then 2miles fast, .5 slow...2miles fast....1mile slow. It would bunch the 2miles fast into one Lap - so it will then rollup that data into one set of average/min/max etc.


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              Hi - I was about to say the same thing - HR screen works as expected perhaps the one with pace is a bug - it shows difference between pace in those two points which is hardly of use - I could do it by checking each part using one finger - avg pace between two points would be much better


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                Please Garmin fix this bug.
                In GCmobile placing two fingers on Pace Chart doesn't show Average Pace (it shows difference between 2 fingers!)
                In GC web , selecting a range also doesn't show Average Pace