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Edit activity log later if I forget to hit “stop”?

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  • Edit activity log later if I forget to hit “stop”?

    Every so often after a recorded hike/bike, I realize I didn’t stop logging it when I jumped back in the jeep... so my hike shows me suddenly moving 25 mph back down a canyon... screws up everything.

    Any way to edit & trim back the activity so I can force it to end when it should have, rather than when I remember to stop my watch?


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    It's a pain but you can:

    1) Export the activity from the GC website
    2) Use Fit File Tools (section remover) to crop the run:
    3) Delete the original activityfrom GC and import the edited version

    Some people who sync with Strava like to crop in Strava, which is easy enough to do. I'm not sure if I like that option (if you need to re-import to GC) because I think the Strava might not preserve all the data from the original file.


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      You can also use Garmin Basecamp to trim the GPX file, the re-import to Garmin Connect. You must remember to delete the activity from Garmin Connect else it will reject the import advising this activity already exists.