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  • Export Garmin Connect activities to TCX files

    In order to transfer several years worth of activities posted in my Garmin Connect account to my Strava account, the directions indicate the first step is to export the activities as TCX files. After selecting an activitiy, the only option appears to be exporting via a CSV file. All postings that I have read in this forum or elsewhere imply there is/was a gear icon with more options, but that does not appear for me. Does Garmin still support Export to TCX? If so, how do I access this format? If not, is there an third party product or another workflow that can export existing activities on my Garmin Connect account to my Strava account. I've tried Tapirik without success (and have seen postings suggesting it no longer solves my problem).

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    What problem have you had with Tapiriik? I've used it in the past without any problems? There is a link somewhere in the forum to where you can download all your data as Garmin now has to conform to recently published legislation.

    Found the link -


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      The reviews on Tapirik are quite good until the end of 2017 when several people report it no longer works. I recently provided the Tapirik website with my Garmin Connect login credentials and then connected to my Strava account. At that point, the queuing icon began to spin without any consequences, i.e. no data populated my Strava online account and the spinning continued without end.

      I used the datamanagement link that you provided to make a request for my data to be exported. Hopefully it will be made available to me in TCX format that can then be imported into my Strava account.


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        I received an email entitled "Your Gamin Data" with a link to a zip file. It contains 351 fit files that are hopefully the data that I am looking for. Is there a way to mass convert these fit files to tcx format so that they can then be imported into Strava? Garmin forums typically say this is unnecessary since Garmin also exports data in tcx format. However, as I first mentioned, I can not find access to this Garmin Connect feature.


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          It can take some time, hours maybe, for Tapiriik to transfer data unless you've paid.

          Strava will import them as .fit files
          Works for multiple .tcx, .fit or .gpx files 25MB or smaller. Choose up to 25 files.

          Granted you're limited to 25 at a time.

          Go back to Tapiriik and try from a Dropbox folder to Strava perhaps.
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            Originally posted by rperchonok View Post
            All postings that I have read in this forum or elsewhere imply there is/was a gear icon with more options, but that does not appear for me.
            The gear icon appears in the upper right corner when you click the activity, thus entering the activity display. After that, you can export your activity to several formats, including TCX, but please note, that some activity types - like for example multisport activities - cannot be exported to anything other than fit format.
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              But only one at a time. Painful process.


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                rperchonok try this thread Bulk export all activities to TCX files?


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                  I created a new account in Strava and set up Tapiriik to synch from Garmin to Strava. It's taken a while to get going, but the synch is now in progress. Guess that means you just need some patience.

                  Make sure you have the settings for the transfer correct. Hover over 'Connect' then click on 'Reconfigure' and check the settings are what you want. I have both boxes checked in Garmin, and neither checked in Strava.

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