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Partial sharing of runs?

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  • Partial sharing of runs?

    Is there a way to hide certain parts of our activities from our connections and groups? For instance, I’d like to share runs with my groups but keep my notes private.

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    Just want to put this question out there again... have any of you been able to share your runs with your groups and/or connections, but hide certain content from showing (such as your personal notes about the run)?


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      As a user, you do not get to pick and choose individual information items (or by data type) what or when to share, if you decide to share an activity record. That said, these days you could hide certain content – namely, the part(s) of the GPS track that fall(s) within the privacy zones you have defined for your Garmin Connect account. (I tried it just now.) I'll also note that which gear item(s) you used for an activity is information that is not shared, even if you make the activity visible to everyone; again, that's not the user's choice to make.


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        You could synchronize your Garmin Account to another sport tracking service, for example Endomondo, and then share your runs from there. Notes will not carry over.

        But the synchronization will not give you a choice about which information to carry over, so it will of course require a little luck to suit your needs.


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          Got it. I guess I'll stop sharing activities now. It's not a huge deal but I just don't want all my ramblings to be seen be everyone.

          Thanks for the answers.