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Edge 820 update to 9.0 has removed bluetooth menu in settings.

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  • Edge 820 update to 9.0 has removed bluetooth menu in settings.

    As in title. Basically the settings/bluetooth menu option has vanished. How can I put the 820 in pairing mode now?

    Absolutely beaten by this!

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    yes and as part of the upgrade they tell you to delete the 820 from your phone to get a better service. brilliant. now can't reconnect it to my phone. It used to take me hours to do it previously now can't connect it at all. great improvement! if you go to the phone menu you can get as far as "completing setup of your edge 820 device" but it then just hangs. created a ticket but so far deathly silence.


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      Same issue here. Also my user settings were all set to default (Display layout, second display gone, automatic settings disabled, etc). This is ridiculous. Don't they test new software at Garmin??


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        Same problem. Ridiculous indeed.


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          Add me to your list. And more concerning to me… from a 1.5 year general history, each succeeding "upgrade/update," has actually eroded the overall performance and functionality of my 820. Therefore, please place functionality and stability over features, and don't announce/promote a release until it's far better vetted


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            Me too. Rolled back to V8.70 so I could pair with my phone, now my Connect IQ apps are all jacked up. Need to find a link to V8.80 that fixed this issue.