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    I believe that the time zone calculation is buggy for some start locations. I first noticed Colombia Time with my Edge 800 in 2016 after it had been correct before. My friend (Forerunner 230) and I (Vivoactive HR) run along the East River in New York City, and the time zones on our activities are consistently Colombia Time. We rode Summer Streets together: his Edge 500 was correctly Eastern Time (US & Canada), while mine had the same problem. I realized that he had started his activity after we met on Park Avenue, while I always start near my apartment.

    Originally posted by michaeljswann View Post
    I rode to work last Friday and still have the same problem. Morning ride okay (Central Australian), afternoon ride incorrect time zone (Japan).
    I observed similar – Vivoactive HR, same day – activity started at home was incorrect, activity started at work was correct.

    Originally posted by BobArrgh View Post
    Furthermore, to edit activities in the past to correct the time, I read elsewhere on these forums that you can go to the Connect website and then go into the Activities dashboard. From there, click on an Activity you wish to change. Then, in the upper right-hand corner, there is a Pencil icon that allows you to edit the Activity, which will allow you to edit the Start Time.
    This works for me. Clicking on the time zone opens a drop-down. Unfortunately, it makes Summary Data: Edited.


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      This issue seems to have been fixed as of 2017-12-01. My 3 runs this month have the correct Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.