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UK - Automated Activity Naming seems to have changed

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  • UK - Automated Activity Naming seems to have changed

    Just recently the automated names created for GPS activities seem to have changed - for years my runs from home have been titled with the name of the town that I live in. Suddenly they have changed to a title which relates to a local council administrative area rather than a geographic location. This is not a major problem just wondered if anyone else had noticed this and whether it's intentional or something that's changed either with the recent Garmin updates (or with the underlying map provider's data)

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    My most recent runs are now automatically named Sydney Running, when for ages my previous runs along the same route were automatically named Australia Square Running most of the time (even though I didn't go into, past or even near the landmark of Australia Square).


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      Ah well - looks like there are winners and losers


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        since about one week, I have to same issue.
        I live in Poland in a small village and names of activities have changed.
        These are related now to administrative community, not to every single small village or city.

        I use Samsung A6 phone - and weather widget has changed in the same way. (change of weather supplier: AccuWeather --> Weather Channel)


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          If you look under GC Account Settings, Display Preferences there is a new option in the Activity Name option. So I think they have been playing in this area.
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            TrippyZ yes I see - you may be right I've changed mine to show location and device activity name - I expect that will still show the same location but you never know


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              Yes, same thing here in Brisbane. Up until 22nd Feb activities showed with suburb names. All activities since then just show "Brisbane" as the location. Very disappointing, as the new behaviour is almost useless -- Brisbane is a large city. And I can't see any way of changing back to the old behaviour.

              I've just sent email to Garmin Support to ask them to look into this problem.
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                @Arturo: If it's the difference (in my case, anyway) between precise-but-missing-the-mark and correct-but-too-broad-to-be-useful, I think I'd prefer the latter. Even when Garmin Connect named something Haymarket Running (Haymarket being a suburb on the fringe of Sydney CBD) for me, it wasn't useful because I only run north of it, and never passed inside Haymarket's boundaries while the timer was running.


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                  Yes I've never found the feature very useful but I did prefer the way it was - but seems to have changed in different ways for different users - I assume that's down to regional consistency of map data in whatever field Garmin are picking this up from


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                    Thank you for the discussion on this topic, there have recently been changes to the data source that is used when automatically naming the activity based on location.

                    These changes should allow for a more accurate location for the name of the activity.

                    We are interested in any examples where users are seeing a less accurate location in the name.

                    If you are seeing this, can you provide a link to an activity, and what you would expect the location name to be.

                    Garmin Product Support

                    Visit the Support Center


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                      This one is in Denmark:

                      Until recently, the name of my village, Lunderskov, was used, Now it is Kolding, the nearest larger town.


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                        From the comments in this thread and the other, it seems to have went the opposite way of waht Garmin intended: The locations have changed from detailed locations to more general locations.

                        I prefer the old locations. They were not always right, but it made it much easier to find a specific earlier activity in the list when I knew that activities started at a certain location would always have a certain name, different from other activities at nearby locations.


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                          see another example:


                          It should be "Bia??zyn", but the automatically given name was" Murowana Go?lina"

                          P.S. later I changed it by hand.

                          Since I bought 2,5 year ago my Fenix, it was "Murowana Go?lina" - nearest town.
                          About half year ago it changed to more precisely names: "Bia???yn" - small village where I live, so I was happy with that
                          Since few weeks it back to old names algorithm - nearest big town



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                            Originally posted by Garmin-Joey View Post
                            We are interested in any examples where users are seeing a less accurate location in the name.

                            If you are seeing this, can you provide a link to an activity, and what you would expect the location name to be.
                            I recorded four activities using the Hike profile on my FR630, in response to this request.

                            The first one was weird. I waited for the ‘GPS is ready’ notification to start the timer, but the route recorded was way off where I actually was.

                            I was actually walking through Haymarket towards Ultimo, but somehow the watch (or Garmin Connect) placed me in Chippendale, and automatically named the activity ‘Sydney Hiking’. (Sydney, as a ‘suburb’ or locality, is northeast of Haymarket.)

                            I then stopped the timer and saved the activity, then started the timer again for the second activity (while the GPS icon had all its bars lit in green). The second activity failed to record a GPS track at all, or so it seems.

                            The third activity was walking back from Ultimo to Haymarket, but Garmin Connect automatically named it ‘Sydney Hiking’ again.

                            The fourth activity was walking through Haymarket. Once again, Garmin Connect automatically named it ‘Sydney Hiking’.
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                              Hi - at present all my runs are in Farnham UK - Post Area GU9 - up until this recent update the runs were labelled Farnham which was OK - now they are labelled Waverley - Waverley is NOT a place but purely an administrative area it's not very meaningful or useful to me and covers a far wider area than Farnham. For anyone visiting the area it would mean nothing.