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    Issue started in 2016, when the Jasig shittification was installed to Garmin Connect. Since then it never ever keeps me logged in, even if I tick the box "Remember me".
    There are two options here:
    1. For security reasons, users are not allowed to stay logged in. In that case just remove the option "Remember me" !
    2. Users may stay logged in. In that case jst make it work! Yes, ensure that users will stay logged in if the box is marked and this setting will stay default till not decided otherwise...

    The very opposite is happening at the ANT+ Agent usage.
    Every occasion, after I upload activity via ANT+, I untick the box "Automatically start Garmin Ant Agent every time you log in".
    Because the selection is never set up as default!!!!
    Why on Earth would like anybody to start the ANT Agent after the log in process?

    Garmin developers, it is time to fix these issues...