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Syncing Zwift activities to Myfitnesspal

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  • Syncing Zwift activities to Myfitnesspal

    Hello, I do a lot of activities on Zwift which are correctly synced to Garmin Connect. E.g. today I had an activity with about 1000 kcal. It has a type of "virtual ride". GC does sync to MyFP but not as an activity, instead only as "calorie adjustment" which is in my case 300 kcal lower. Anyone else experiencing this?


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    Hi. I too am experiencing the same problem. Did you find a resolution?


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      This happens with certain types of activities that MyFitnessPal does not recognize, though I have no idea if that's something that would have to be changed by Garmin or MFP if they wanted to make it behave differently. Indoor track runs are another one that gets synced as part of the calorie adjustment. Since it is part of the calorie adjustment you still get credit for it if that's what you're concerned about. If you still want it to show up as an activity the workaround is to change the activity type in Connect to one that maps to an activity in MFP. For cycling you can use either Indoor Cycling or just Cycling. It will then sync to MFP, though it takes a little bit for the calorie adjustment to change after this so for a short time you will have the ride double counted.


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        Strangely it worked for a short period of time and Zwift rides were sent as regular cycling activities. Now back to wrong behaviour.


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          My solution for now as MyFP and Garmin seem to be not interested in solving this: change activity type to "Indoor Cycling" afterwards instead of "Virtual Riding".