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Garmin Connect android app update - kills phone battery, watch battery, no sync

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  • Garmin Connect android app update - kills phone battery, watch battery, no sync

    Looking at other posts, there are obviously several issues with the most recent app update of Garmin Connect. I haven't seen Garmin acknowledge this, and support aren't replying to my contact (apart from the automated response acknowledging receipt).

    Can someone from Garmin give an update on the issue with the app- you only have to look through the most recent Play Store reviews to see that something has gone wrong.

    I use Garmin Connect on a OnePlus3T on Oreo with my first gen Vivoactive.

    Since the recent update of Garmin Connect android app, I have experienced a number of issues:

    - my phone's battery drains much more quickly than before. Indicators that point to the Garmin Connect app and watch include high battery usage for Garmin Connect and for Bluetooth (where the watch is the only BT device connected). Overnight I can see my battery drop by 40-50% with no activity and these items highest on the list of battery usage stats. This has only been happening since the app update.

    - my watch battery (first gen Vivoactive) drains really quickly. I could get up to two weeks without a recharge. With no change in activity I got under a week, if that. Again this has only happened since the app update.

    - activities recorded on the Vivoactive no longer sync to garmin through the app. Steps are syncing. Again only happening since the app update

    Here's an interesting thing I noticed. If I look at the app, my steps are syncing in real time - I can see them going up on the watch and the app, which is new to me. I appreciate that you may be doing some best guesses on the app and then syncing the watch to confirm step counts, but does this suggest a much more chatty connection between watch and app (and subsequent battery drain).

    Either way, we need Garmin to fix this update.

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    Suffering similar problems with my Vivoactive HR+ & the garmin connect app, only way i can get it to sync is reboot the vivoactive HR+ & then it might sync, this morning things got even worse, my ride to work shows up on the web, but doesn't show in the app


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      Having similar problem with Vivoactive and Garmin Connect 4.2. Removing device from app and re-pairing fixes issue ... for a day. Then problems return.


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        Since the update on Android 7.0 to connect 4.2.1 my fenix 3 hr on 4.70 refuses to sync with the connect app. It's connected but won't sync my workout. I rebooted both devices multiple times to no avail.

        I'm also seeing a fenix battery drain, I used to get 2 weeks of battery, now after 5 days I'm below 50% already.

        Is Garmin reading this at all?


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            The error I see in the 4.2.1 Garmin connect app under sync status is:

            Upload Status=FAILED (Unable to send directory listing request to the remote device)
            Download Status=NOT_STARTED
            Time Sync Status=SUCCESSFUL
            Overall Sync Status=FAILED


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              Apparently, the Garmin Connect application has problems installing widgets. In my case, it was a watch face update that stuck in and broke the entire sync. I was able to install the update using Garmin Express. Now everyday sync is working again. Tried installing new watch face from IQ store and and ran into same problem, so I suspect Garmin Connect app. Connect app version is 4.2, my Vivoactive version is 4.40, ConnectIQ 1.4.2
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                Seems that way, the 4.2.2 update didn't solve it alas. In the sync logs I see:

                Upload Status=SUCCESSFUL (No item to process)
                Download Status=FAILED (Error sending software update file to device: REMOTE_DEVICE_ABORT_FILE_TRANSFER)
                Time Sync Status=SUCCESSFUL
                Overall Sync Status=FAILED


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                  the 4.2.2 update seems to have solved the sync issue here


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                    For me it syncs now, but only when there are no downloads from the app to the device. After installing widget updates through Garmin Express it can now sync using connect.


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                      4.2.2 has mess up mine completely. could not sync from android to fenix3, deleted apps etc. reinstalled. but now i cannot even pair the devices through bluetooth.


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                        Sync only works for one day now, after that I have to disable and enable Bluetooth on my LG G6 and Fenix 3 hr for it to work again for another day. Before 4.2.x this was fine.


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                          Originally posted by Martinr2 View Post
                          the 4.2.2 update seems to have solved the sync issue here
                          Think i spoke to soon, having to reboot the vivosmart HR+ in mornings to get it to sync & show my sleep


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                            So I have had the 4.2.2 update for a week or so and it still has not synced the last 10 days data. Notifications are still not working - the watch seems to show aged notifications and does not flag up any kind of real time notifications (incoming phone call, msg etc). The watch is running the 4.40 firmware.

                            I've emailed Garmin, but their turnaround time for my first email was over a week. That email told me what the sync icons look like - not amazingly helpful really. I replied back 5 days ago and have not heard back.

                            My Vivoactive is now useless to me. I've ditched Garmin until this problem is fixed and am enjoying wearing a watch that looks nicer than the VA


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                              Garmin have got back to me and recommended reinstalling the app.

                              I have done this, and reconnected to my watch. Historic data synced (step counts, activities)

                              However no notifications were working - the key ones I'm testing are phone calls, emails and text messages all of which are turned on in the app

                              I turned Bluetooth off and on on the watch and notifications were working again.

                              I say were because two hours later they are no longer working. I have turned Bluetooth on the watch off and back on and they are now working, but for how long? I'll tell you for how long - LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES. Seriously!

                              My test is this:

                              - turn off and on Bluetooth on vivoactive.
                              - make a phonecall to mobile from landline
                              - test: watch flags up the incoming call; result: yes!
                              - reject call from mobile
                              - mobile receives text about missed phonecall.
                              - test: watch flags up incoming text message; result: yes!
                              - wait five minutes
                              - repeat steps above, but both tests are negative

                              I will keep testing, but it's worth saying that the problem is not fixed. Repeatedly having to turn Bluetooth on the watch on and off every five minutes is not a workable solution.