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Sync data doenst work on the mobile App

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  • Sync data doenst work on the mobile App

    When i try to refresh my data it stops after 5 sec. Anyone else got the same problem?

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    Are you using a HTC cell phone?


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      Yes! I have a HTC. Why?


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        A freind of mine has the same issue, and contacted the Garmin support.

        They told her that there is right now a problem with a certain type of HTC phone, that they aware of it and that they try to fix it in cooperation with HTC.

        (That was in the end November/beginning of December)

        So right now there is no fix for that.

        You can either upload your activities via cable to your PC, or you install Garmin Connect on another cell phone to snychronise it.

        Best regards


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          The weird thing is is that it just happend today and i have been using it for 6 weeks now. Looks more like a bug

          I guess ill just plug the watch into the PC. Tx for the info.


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            Weird indeed.

            Either it just a coincidence that you´re both using a HTC and it is something totally different

            or the problem is slowly spreading.

            You should check if synching via cable is also syncronising the fitnesstracker values (steps/HR/etc.) or just the activities. Im not 100% sure if it does that.

            Best regards
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              My watch is doing weird things too. It went back to facory mode (enlish instead of my own language) + my GPS doesnt work + when i try to use a workout through calander it went back to watch mode. I think it has to do with the new small update on Garmin express.

              Oh yea! I cant Synch even with the cable on my PC.
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                i found the solution! i had to turn off my watch and after that my phone even worked!


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                  Sounds interessting

                  Could you please elaborate on that?

                  Maybe it helps also my friend.


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                    What i ment was: first i had to turn off my watch and then turn on again. After that the menu was back to my language and everything worked again. Even my Phone. I did turn off and on my Phone also, but i dunno if that would have helped.

                    Sometimes smartphones ( and watches) need to reboot (turnoff and on) to work again. iI havnt done that once before.
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                      I have a galaxy S8 and i have the same issue... sometime it works fine for some day and than, sync, suddenly stops to work... sometimes a reboot helps sometimes does not...
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