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"Road Cycling in Los Angeles" -- How to replace with my Course?

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  • "Road Cycling in Los Angeles" -- How to replace with my Course?

    I am not completely familiar with all the possibilities (if any) to customize my Connect page. Any help on the below is appreciated. The below is part of an email I sent to Garmin have not yet received a response....

    I really like Garmin but the main reason I use Strava over Garmin as my fitness "home site" is the "Activities" page. Because I cannot select a "default" like "Road Cycling" or "Fitness" over "Racing"...and each has to be dropped down clicked after every activity it become very tedious to update. Way more bothersome is that when on the activities page, EACH and EVERY entry is listed as the default "Road Cycling in Los Angeles" . Other then the mileage and date, there is no each way to identify one ride from another. I know I can edit that particular title, but, if I could default to the "course" or other selection, IMO that page would be 100% improved. Think of the possibilities!!

    Am I able able to "default" the title to the "Course", then I can easily click on particular ride or observe how often I ride that course over another.....Instead of just seeing a list of repeated "Road Cycling in Los Angeles" I could see the course I rode (and created in my drop down).

    Can I actually get rid of the "Road Cycling In Los Angeles" in favor of my route or other default?

    Thanks -- jtb