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Weight no longer syncs from FitBit Aria / MFP

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  • Weight no longer syncs from FitBit Aria / MFP

    I use a FitBit Aria to weigh-in most days. As my both my Garmin Connecty and FitBit accounts are linked to MyFitnessPal, this used to provide the conduit and automatically sync daily (mostly, perhaps 1 in 30 might be missed, also it sometimes seemed to sync todays weight as yesterday, however by in large worked fine). Yet as of around a couple of weeks ago this stopped. Worked again for a single day (I think, although might have manually ‘forced’ it somehow) then stopped again.

    + My weights are recorded in my FitBit account correctly = scales working.
    + These sync across to MFP correctly = FitBit-to-MFP sync working.
    + My Garmin activity tracker steps and GPS activities sync across to MFP = GC-to-MFP sync working.
    + When I hit the manual MFP sync option within GC (web site) then the last weigh-in is pulled across to GC.
    - No longer automatically syncs across daily / without user interaction.

    Anyone else notice the same / have a fix? Thanks.
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    Yes. This is the same for me. Has been for a long time, I thought it's the only way to get it working.