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Can't delete an acitivity

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  • Can't delete an acitivity

    I cannot delete an activity that was left form manual import to Garmin Connect.

    I uploaded a tcx. file that I have taken out form Google Fit (It was an activity that I recorded on a non-garmin device).
    It ended up showing as multiple short activities, so it was useless for me.

    So I decided to delete it. I was able to delete all of the partial activities but one.

    Actually It seems I can delete it in Garmin Connect>All Activities, but once I switch to another card and come back to "All Activities" it shows up again.

    I cannot view it or edit/export. The attached screen shows what I am getting when I want to view the activity.


    Funny thing is that it is not showing in calendar view.

    I am from Poland and customer support is non-existent, I keep getting replies once a week but have to deal with deferent person every time and they keep asking me same questions and come up with some basic advice that has nothing to do with my problem.

    C'mon garmin it can't be that difficult to delete an activity @

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I have exactly the same issue. Please fix it because it is very annoying. I bought new Garmin Edge 520 and just after this I met this issue. What a bad first impression. It seems that these activities don't exist, but references on the list of activities are still alive. It sounds like easy "bug" to fix.

    I'm software engineer and I could fix it easily if you give me access to the sources ;-) There is also wrong link to "Go to device support" which goes to instead of
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      How it looks like in mobile application is visible on attached screenshot. Steps to reproduce:
      1. Swipe left or right on activity from 23th of April.
      2. Click "Delete" button.

      Activity is removed.

      You see error like on screenshot.


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        I have the same problem. Deleted an activity yesterday from the activity page on the Garmin Connect website but it still shows up on the activity list and on the mobile app.


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          I called support and they logged a case for deleting the activity in the backend. They say it may take up to a few weeks for them to delete it.


          • #6
            Months later, I still see the same problem.


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              markinzeroland in Garmin Connect mobile or web site?
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                If the activity is still on your Garmin GPS, try deleting IT from your GPS too. I had two activities that I uploaded from my GPS and then deleted from the Garmin Connect website. They kept showing up in the Activities list but like everyone else, a broken link to the activity and nothing in the Calendar. However, I had not deleted them from my GPS. I just did that, logged off and back on, and they no longer appear in my Activities list.

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                  I have the exact same problem the author describes. When I delete it, it goes away initially, but will then show back up. If I click on it to view details, I get the "Sorry, we're having trouble" message.


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                    I faced the same problem. First I added a manual activity, later I wanted to delete that activity. After the deletion, the item did not appear in Activities anymore, but the item still appears in Calendar. I found no way to cancel the item of that activity in the calendar. I wrote to Garmin on December 21, 2018. Let's wait and see.


                    • #11
                      I have the same issue. Still not fixed.


                      • #12
                        Unfortunately, deleting or changing manually added activities does not work here either. The content is gone, but the activity and its values are still listed.
                        No matter if Garmin Connect mobile or web site.
                        Hopefully it will be solved soon, because it is very annoying.
                        Thank you!


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                          I have the same issue


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                            Same here.