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  • Garmin Connect Strava Sync


    I have recently purchased a Fenix 3 and started using Garmin Connect more since for other activities, cross training etc.

    However I also use Strava but want to use this solely for Running and Cycling.

    Can I set parameters for what auto syncs with Strava?


    Can I easily (ie one click) upload activities that I select from Connect to Strava.

    I hope this makes sense, let me know if not!

    Look forward to you responses.

    Many Thanks

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    Unfortunately, syncing Garmin and Strava, the choice will be for all or none of your activities to be transferred to Strava... I don't know of any service that would allow you to selectively sync certain activity only :-(


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      It's all or nothing but when you transfer to Strava, each activity will be classified as to whether it's a run or a bike ride. At least you will know what it is.


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        I would like to reawaken this old thread. Given the range of activities tracked on newer Garmin watches it is crazy there is no way to choose which get sent to Strava. Limiting it to GPS based activities is not a solution. I want to sync my running & cycling but not my rounds of golf.


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          That would be a good point!
          And also a little delay would be great. Renaming and classifying the activities after a run, will not be synched or updated to strava.
          If thereĀ“d be a little delay (5 Minutes, or whatever) I would not have to rename everything twice.
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            I agree with all of the posts here. I like that my runs or bicycling activities automatically sync with Strava, but I don't want my hiking or walking to go there. A delay to rename or comment would be nice. I want everything I do recorded in Garmin Connect, but I only want select activities sent to Strava. There should be a way to choose what gets sent.


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              rspiet if you rename all your activities anyway, then one workaround would be to set the default activity visibility to private. Then you can set your running and cycling activities to public and rename them, as they sync with strava. All of those other activities will still be there, but no one will see them.