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Garmin for Train Drivers?

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  • Garmin for Train Drivers?

    Hi everyone

    I'm training to drive high-speed long-distance trains on a complex route. One of the hardest things to deal with is track knowledge - especially remembering station locations so I don't shoot through them instead of stopping.

    I would like to be able to geofence parts of my route to give me warning of approaching stations and speed limits. What Garmin product, if any, would be suitable for this role? Can I customise notifications (eg a specific sound for each place, or even better a voice reminder)?

    I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks!


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    No help at all but this scares me. Are you really saying that there is not enough information and signalling along the route, warnings and alarms, to alert you of an approaching station or speed limit?


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      It really depends on the country and the route. Where I am, on some of the lines it all boils down to the driver's ability to remember every detail of the track. Some sections take years to master - hence my interest in a Garmin product to help my training.
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        Probably not the best sub-forum to post the question, since it is Garmin Connect. You should be posting in one of the GPS forums. But unfortunately, there don't seem to be any!

        Check the links in that post, or just go to

        To answer in part, even my old Zumo 550 allows geofencing of a location, and custom voice alerts for each location. In my case they are alerts for speed cameras, but thet could be anything.

        I believe more modern GPSs can take into account the direction of approach, which would probably be important for you. Also mine only has one geofence distance for all alerts, which may be an issue for you.

        But I think you are on the correct track, literally and figuratively. You should be able to find something, maybe in a professional range of GPSs. Good luck.
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          Many thanks! Sounds like Garmin has what I'm looking for.


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            Garmin Etrex 30x has GPS proximity alarms.