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Editing missed pool swim turns

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  • Editing missed pool swim turns

    Hi. I use a fenix 5x for pool swim & sometimes it misses a turn. How do I edit my data to show correct Laps & Lap time etc?

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    you can either buy a license for FFRT and do it yourself or you can upload the .fit file and ask someone who has a licensed copy of FFRT to do it for you.

    All file repairs are done using the Fit File Repair Tool.

    I am not a Garmin employee and I am not affiliated with them in any manner - other than I own three of their products.
    For all intents and purposes this is a peer-to-peer forum and any assistance provided is voluntary and on an 'as time allows' basis.
    Garmin Support from Garmin employees can be found here. Suggestions to Garmin or rants can be made here.


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      Actually, for swimming activities there is a simpler solution. You can edit your swimming activities on
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        Agreed. Simplest is to push off hard, glide slightly and swim one stroke at constant speed for each length. I never have missing lengths, and only occasionally have extra due to passing or being held up trying to pass slow swimmers.