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Creating 'Run' Workouts not working

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  • Creating 'Run' Workouts not working

    Currently, I can create Bike and Swim Workouts with no problem at all. However, I can't create a Running or Custom Workout. Previous workouts I can load, but can't edit? I've tried multiple browsers and multiple computers. Here's a screen recording showing what happens *=(914k).
    Click on the first link listed, this link feature does not work.
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    Anybody else able to replicate this error that I'm having?


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      A word of advice: Next time, if you want others to do you a favour and try something out, try phrasing it as a polite request and say "please", instead of expecting them to leap to it or even take notice.

      For the record, I can edit previously created Run workouts as well as create new Run workouts; I did both those things successfully just now, in the browser on my Mac, to satisfy my curiosity (and, yes, hoping to prove it isn't something that is impacting everyone).


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        Wanted to follow up on this. The error with workouts was confirmed by Garmin and eventually was fixed on September 15th. Yes, it took a full-month to fix one of the 'selling points'. Most likely it was occurring for people that regularly used the workout feature.

        Thank you.