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Creating 'Run' Workouts not working

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  • Creating 'Run' Workouts not working

    Currently, I can create Bike and Swim Workouts with no problem at all. However, I can't create a Running or Custom Workout. Previous workouts I can load, but can't edit? I've tried multiple browsers and multiple computers. Here's a screen recording showing what happens *=(914k).
    Click on the first link listed, this link feature does not work.
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    Anybody else able to replicate this error that I'm having?


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      A word of advice: Next time, if you want others to do you a favour and try something out, try phrasing it as a polite request and say "please", instead of expecting them to leap to it or even take notice.

      For the record, I can edit previously created Run workouts as well as create new Run workouts; I did both those things successfully just now, in the browser on my Mac, to satisfy my curiosity (and, yes, hoping to prove it isn't something that is impacting everyone).
      The issue with having to repeatedly log in to vBulletin from one forum action to the next seems to have been partially remedied, but problems persist with changes to User Settings not being properly committed upon saving, and with page encoding such that em dashes, en dashes, left and right quotation marks, accented vowels, etc. are not rendered correctly in the browser.


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        Wanted to follow up on this. The error with workouts was confirmed by Garmin and eventually was fixed on September 15th. Yes, it took a full-month to fix one of the 'selling points'. Most likely it was occurring for people that regularly used the workout feature.

        Thank you.