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  • Split Distance vs Lap Distance

    Ok, probably going to be a stupid question, maybe a simple setting I am missing, or not even possible. My Fenix is setup to have 1klm splits, so when I view an Activity I have (for example) 20 x 1k Split times, exactly what I want. However, when I view the map in the Activity and click on "Laps", it only shows 5k distances for each "Lap". Is it possible to change this? Am I correct, is it a silly question? :-)

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hmmm, what happens when you zoom in on the map? My experience is that not all lap markers are necessarily displayed at once depending on the zoom level, but they aren't actually missing from the activity record. In any case, if I recall correctly (since I rarely use more than three laps markers in an activity record these days), the lap markers are shown numbered on the map, so you should be able to easily see if some are missing.


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      Thanks very much for the response and suggestion ASmugDill. I did zoom out as far as I could, but still couldn't see them. It is strange, if I look at runs under 10k it shows every split correctly, but in any recent runs between 10 - 20k runs it is 1k, 4k, 9k then every 5klms. In a 20k run back in April though it shows the 2klm Splits, then in today's 16k run again 2k Splits . Ah well, not a big issue, just thought there might be a simple setting I am missing. Seems to be random or vary according to distance



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        Well, I've never run 16km continuously or in a single session in my entire life, so I'm afraid I can neither relate nor try to reproduce the scenario using my Garmin equipment.


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          Reading this got me thinking
          I too have noticed that the laps on the map have changed it used to show all but now shows a subset ( and now you mention it it is different with distance)
          certainly zooming in does not display the "missing" laps
          perhaps it came with the new inter web version
          i might go back to an old activity I know showed all and see what it displays now


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            Haha..all good, thanks very much for your input anyway ASmugDill

            Thanks for responding Mike. I went back to an old Activity from a few years ago and it doesn't display "Laps" at all


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              I found that to be the case too ? an activity from 2016 seems to be missing all the lap markers on the map, in spite of all the splits being shown in the stats at the bottom. I haven't quite taken the time to pinpoint the cut-off date for that defect yet.

              I've just made a new thread for the issue in the Troubleshooting sub-forum:
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                Well done ASmugDill.


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                  I noticed my long run yesterday showed lap splits correctly (each km of the auto lap for the full duration) in the map accessed from the GCM app. Yet the web version still shows laps at apparently random selection of 5 km starting at 4 (4,9,14 and onwards)


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                    Ok, have just noticed a response from Garmin elsewhere on this:

                    Laps missing in the map of an activity on Garmin Connect

                    Garmin Connect will display lap information on the map for activities recorded with GPS. Laps are displayed as a number icon along the path. For activities that have ten laps or less, all lap icons will display on the map. For activities that have greater than ten laps, the number of icons will be reduced to prevent that map from becoming too cluttered with icons. Garmin Connect will display a maximum of ten number icons in an activity.

                    At least that explains why, I don't like it though


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                      Hmm ok
                      i get it on an out and back it may get cluttered but if you run a nice big loop then no clutter
                      i guess if that is the implementation then that is it
                      thanks for the update