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Forerunner 935 won't sync activity

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  • Forerunner 935 won't sync activity


    I've been the happy owner of a Forerunner 935 for almost a month now and everything has worked flawlessly until yesterday. Following a swim session I wanted to take a look at the activity using Garmin Connect on my iPhone by the activity is only shown as a Move IQ activity, i.e. the watch has by itself detected a pattern of movements which it believes to be swimming. However, I did log the swim session on the watch and it has correctly been saved incl. data from the Swim HRM - all the information is on the watch I just won't upload to the app. I've done activities before and after the swim session and all have correctly transferred to the app - it's only the swim session which won't transfer. I've tried disconnecting the watch from the app, turn off the watch, restart the app, connect the watch and sync but no luck.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this? Is there any way that you can 'force sync' a single activity? Anyway I can delete the swim 'Move IQ' activity(assuming that's 'blocking' the real activity from uploading)?

    Thanks a lot for the assistance.

    Best regards,

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    Connect to a computer, open Garmin Express. Sync.
    If that doesn't work, with it still connected to the computer, open Garmin Connect online and do a manual upload.


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      Hi philipshambrook,

      Thanks for the swift reply - tried the steps that you mentioned but I get an error while trying to upload to Garmin Express "Some files could not be uploaded to Garmin Connect - you may want to manually remove these files from your device". Tried a manual upload to Garmin Connect as well but also get an error here. Any way to repair a corrupt .FIT file?



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        Try this fit file repair tool
        And this is a handy site to bookmark - FIT File Tools


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          Hi, thanks again - tried fit file repair tool but no luck, I guess I'll just have to manually log the activity and hope that the error was a one-off.