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Bulk change of privacy settings for past activities

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    I tried and it works like a spell. It is still running, because I have more than 1000 activities, but I already checked one and its privacy level was changed.

    Thanks again.


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      The script works great, though i had trouble actually inputting my password into the program. It would not allow me to type any characters (my computer possibly?). The username part worked fine.

      I edited the script to take away this prompt, by inputting my username and password and it worked perfectly.


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        marksy321 thanks for the feedback and glad it's useful for you!

        - The part of the script that asks for your password purposely does not show anything at all when you type your password (to avoid exposing it to people looking over your shoulder). This is done using a built-in Python function so it should work on all kinds of computers. I sorta wish that function would output stars or bullets or something, but unfortunately it outputs nothing.

        - Another way to specify the username or password is to enter them as command line arguments, when you run the script from Windows Command Prompt/Powershell or macOS Terminal.

        e.g. --username MYNAME --password MYPASSWORD

        You can see the available arguments by typing: --help

        (in macOS, replace "" with "./")
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