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Bulk change of privacy settings for past activities

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  • Bulk change of privacy settings for past activities

    If I change my privacy settings for activities from public to private or vice versa, and want to also change the setting for past activities, there is no easy way to do it. When I select Quick Edit on Activities, there's a Privacy column, with a tick at the top to select all activities in the column, but the only way to change the privacy setting for all activities is to click on each individual activity padlock icon in turn and change them one by one. It would be very useful to be able to change all of them with one click.

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    I have the same concern. I want to change the past 2 years of activities from private to public. There are a few threads about going to the activity page - is this on the web site or in garmin connect mobile.

    Instructions are for selecting all activities but I dodn't know how to do that. Then instructions talk about going to quick edit which I do not see anywhere.

    I am writing this in late October of 2018. Instructions I see are for 2016 or earlier. Perhaps there has just been a change in the software.

    Any help is appreciated.


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      allan570 This isn't possible in Garmin Connect anymore, but I think it's a really great idea, so I adapted a script that will do this for you automatically.

      You need a Windows PC, Mac or Linux, and you need to install Python.

      1) Get Python.

      2) Download and unzip this file:

      3) Double click on the script (

      You will be prompted for your name, password, starting activity date and end date. If you leave the dates blank, all activities will be set to private.

      Edit: the script now allows you to choose your privacy level: public, private, my connections, or my connections and groups.

      Credit goes to Kyle Krafka and Michael Payne:
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        Thanks Will - I am having trouble. After loading Python and the script, I do not get any prompts - I just get a window that looks like this (this is only part of it as it is too long to fit in a screenshot.)


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          Sorry - one more thing - I do not want to make all private - I want to make all public.


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            Hey allan570 I tweaked the script so you can choose the privacy level. Please redownload from the same link.

            Your photo link doesn't work, though.

            Please try using or


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              Also, I just made a change to the script so that it will stay open if there's any kind of problem.


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                I still see the same thing - the screen shot should work now



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                  allan570 Ok I see you are using a Mac.

                  First off, please download the script again, as you don't have the absolute latest according to that screenshot. (I don't think I'll be changing it anymore unless there's issues).

                  Second, in Finder:

                  1) Right click on and select Get Info.
                  2) Change Open with to Python Launcher
                  Double-click on

                  If that doesn't work for some reason, you can try this slightly more complicated procedure:
                  1) Drag the folder containing onto the Terminal app icon:

                  2) Type the following command:



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                    And to be clear, you need Python 3 for the script to work. (Specifically, the download page should have offered you Python 3.7.1)


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                      Thanks WillNorthYork - used the script works great, someone mentioned something today which made me think to check privacy settings and this is just the tool I needed to change them all.


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                        I downloaded the script, but ran into troubles with activities that were unnamed. They would cause the script to crash out with the following error message:
                        File "", line 299, in <module>

                        print('Activity: ' + a['startTimeLocal'] + ' | ' + a['activityName'])

                        TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str

                        I simply changed line 299 to print('Activity: ' + a['startTimeLocal']). It would be better to add some error protection here, instead of never printing out the name. I don't know enough python to do this, however.

                        Other than this, great script. Thanks!


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                          85PD dougw666 Thanks for the feedback! Honestly wasn't sure if this was of interest to anyone.

                          I've fixed the script so it doesn't crash on a blank activity name. In that case it only prints out the time, as suggested.

                          Mods, could this possibly be made into a sticky? I noticed that this topic has come up many times in the past few years.
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