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Edit Activity results in Errors and can't be saved.

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  • Edit Activity results in Errors and can't be saved.

    Yesterday I did an Multi-Sport activity. Now I want to adjust the distances both for Swimming, Biking and Running.
    If I Login via Internet Browser I get the message "Error! An error occurred saving the activity.". Via iPhone Garmin Connect App the message is "Network Connection Error. Unable to edit activity. Try again."
    In both cases it's impossible to edit the activity and adjust the distances.

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    The same problem is happening to me since beginning of September. I was used to modify the indoor activities adding distance, through Garmin Connect (via app it is not possible), but since beginning of September in my account is not possible anymore. The curious thing is that it is impossible for me to change also the older activities I already modified.
    It is a problem that is affecting also other people: there is also another post related (
    I already reported to Garmin but no solution is come up yet.