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Setting up 3-step interval repeats

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  • Setting up 3-step interval repeats

    I'm trying to set up an interval workout of 30-20-10 seconds, repeated X times, rest period, then repeat the 30-20-10 second interval repeats, etc. GC only allows me to set up 2-step intervals. Is there a way to set up 3-step intervals by repeating the 3 steps? Inputting manually is a royal pain.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Originally posted by Csafford View Post
    GC only allows me to set up 2-step intervals.
    Not true. You can create a repeat, then create a step, then drag the step into the repeat. You can even drag a repeat into a repeat if you want.



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      Thank you!! It worked! :-)


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        I know you posted this ages ago but I never found it and you have just saved me many hours of frustration!!!! can't believe I didn't google this before.
        THANK YOU