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    i often forget to stop my watch immediately upon completing and activity. Sometimes I have to stop for a train crossing, or to wait my turn at a trail obstacle.I would like a tool to easily declare on the map in Garmin Connect where or when the activity ended, or make a few minutes to be deleted, and have it remove any of those data and recalculate all of the statistics.

    I have several friends who have this issue, and I'll be very surprised if this isn't a common lament. I check these out - - but they seem kinda complex for my limited skills and patience.



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    Seems impossible

    Despite the fact that people have been asking for this simple functionality since at least 2011, as best I can tell there is no way to do it. You can crop tracks in Strava however, and then you can export and import into Connect.

    Or, just don't use Connect. Garmin seems to have little ability to actually discern the need of its users. I bet 90% of users of any Garmin device have forgotten to stop or save/reset their track at some point.


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      It can be done if you understand XML. You can edit the .TCX file in the history directory.


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        The simplest answer I have found is to put it in Strava then on the tools menu select crop. Finally export and import back into connect.


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          I know this is an old thread but thought I would update with some current info on what I did.

          I exported the original .fit file to my desktop
          I went to and selected the "Section Remover" tool
          I uploaded the file to the site, watched the short video on how to edit it, saved the file and then re-imported it in to Garmin Connect. I had to delete my original activity because the file header data wasn't changed by fitfiletools and apparently GC doesn't like exact duplicate headers.

          It worked like a champ, the only glitch I saw was even though it deleted the portion of the route I wanted deleted as well as the associated stats for HR, elevation, speed, etc, when I loaded it back in to GC and viewed it it still had mile markers for the segment I had removed (but my stats were all good).

          I hope this helps someone!


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            Fit File Tools above worked liked a charm. Thanks!


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              Thanks Axxed, works perfect!


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                I use Garmin Basecamp software. Can edit track, delete points, combine tracks etc and save them as a new track. Real easy to do and keeps all the elevation and time data. Can then re-upload it to Garmin Connect.