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How to transfer a created workout to the 935

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  • How to transfer a created workout to the 935

    Just got my 935 for Christmas playing around with workouts etc. and I’ve created a workout on the Garmin connect app (squats, planks etc.) and sent it to my 935, but can’t for the life of me find it on my watch to start it??
    i downloaded the owner manual and followed these steps

    Starting a Workout
    Before you can start a workout, you must download a workout from your Garmin Connect account.
    1 From the watch face, select START. 2 Select an activity.
    3Hold =
    4 Select Training > My Workouts.
    5 Select a workout.
    NOTE: Only workouts that are compatible with the selected
    activity appear in the list.
    6 Select Do Workout.
    7 Select START to start the timer.
    After you begin a workout, the device displays each step of the workout, step notes (optional), the target (optional), and the current workout data.

    but it just keeps coming back saying to download workouts from Garmin connect..

    help please
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    After sending to your device, you have to sync with Garmin Connect mobile. After that you should be able to go to your strength app and your squat workout should be there. That is if you created your squat workout using "Strength" as the type of workout you created.


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      Yeah I’ve done that but still nothing I’ve even put the workout into the calendar and synced that but still doesn’t come up on my watch..
      i must be missing something???


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        Are you positive you created it as a "Strength" workout?


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          I have the same situation and it is the second time that it happens. The first time was solved by doing a hard reset, but is not a solution due to the fact that it was a couple of weeks ago. This starts to happen after 12.0 update to 935. At the moment I am not able to send workouts created in Garmin connect, added to the calendar or from training peaks, basically I can't do any guided workout, very frustrating. Hard reset is a major trouble and to much time consuming to be performed twice a month. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

          Best regards,

          A. Duarte
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