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Cannot update floor goal

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  • Cannot update floor goal

    i am trying to update my climbed floors goal in the user settings. The ap is allowing me to change the goal and save it, but the update doesn’t stick. Every time I go back the goal is still what it was before. Is there a way to change the goal outside the app?

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    I have had this problem for 2 weeks now. If I try and change the weekly goal for Floors or Intensity Minutes it automatically reverts to the value I had before the change.
    Ex 250 intensity minutes changed to 300->Save->Intensity minutes 250. Same thing if I change through the webpage. Click save then refresh the page and the old value is still there.


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      We appreciate the discussion on this issue. We are investigating this and working to resolve it.
      Garmin Product Support

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        To Garmin: Any news on this problem? I have same issue where I update my floor goal and it doesn't stick. Also, when I choose to hide some of the "My day sheets" from the frontpage on the app, they reappear the next day.
        Please investigate