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Does weather widget require GPS permissions set to Always on iOS?

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  • Does weather widget require GPS permissions set to Always on iOS?

    I just noticed that my VA3 wasn't showing weather data in the weather widget anymore, but neither the watch nor the iOS app gave any indication of a problem. I then realized that I had recently switched the Connect GPS permissions from "Always" to "While using the app" (iOS settings > Privacy > Location Services > Connect). Is this the reason that the weather widget no longer works? If so, please consider at least adding a warning in the app, something like "weather data could not be loaded because app cannot determine location" or so.

    Request: add a 'weather' section to the iOS connect app, and make it possible to set a default location manually (e.g. by zip code) for weather data, so that we can use it without giving Garmin the ability to track us every minute of every day. I'm not saying they do, I just want to be able to ensure that they don't (as much as possible.. )

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    I too find the weather widget un-intuitive. Which area's weather am I seeing? Is it still up-to-date?

    I caught a flight to another town and realised that my weather app had not updated. But without knowing what the forecast should be, how would you know.

    Additional settings in the Connect app for location etc would greatly help.